Our goal at FordDirect is to be a strategic advantage to you – to be your trusted digital advisor. To do this, we’ve taken a fresh look at how we can deliver the best available digital marketing products, services and consulting. Each month, we make several enhancements to our current products and services. The details of this month's enhancements are available for download below, along with past enhancements. 

January 2018 Enhancements
FordDirect CRM, ConsumerConnection, Enhanced DealerDashboard (EDD), Dealer Ratings and Review Monitoring Dashboard, Pre-Owned Vehicle Marketing Service and Fully Managed Chat

EZ Transfer for FordDirect CRM
Ford Subsidy Update for ConsumerConnection
PDF Print Functionality for Enhanced DealerDashboard (EDD)
Bi-Annual Reputation Score Algorithm Update for Dealer Ratings and Review Monitoring Dashboard
LotHopper Listings for Pre-Owned Vehicle Marketing Service
Facebook Inventory Posts for Fully Managed Chat