Our goal at FordDirect is to be a strategic advantage to you – to be your trusted digital advisor. To do this, we’ve taken a fresh look at how we can deliver the best available digital marketing products, services and consulting. Since April, we’ve made several enhancements to our current products and services. The details of this month's enhancements are available for download below, along with past enhancements. 

October 2017 Enhancements
Combined document of all October 2017 enhancements

Enhanced DealerDashboard

New metrics will be available on the Enhanced DealerDashboard (EDD). Your Reputation Score will be added to the EDD Dealer Executive Summary report and Customer Experience Index (CEI) Sales and Service metrics will be added to the EDD Performance Snapshot view.

Social Media & Reputation Management

A new Social Media & Reputation Management mobile app, FordDirect Live is now available for download. This new app allows employees to text customers and ask them to submit online reviews, lets employees direct customers to specific review sites and features a leaderboard report that shows which employees have generated the highest number of reviews.